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A Few Things To Know About Using A Rented Stump Grinder To Clear Small Stumps Out Of Your Backyard

by Ritthy Collins

If you're clearing your overgrown backyard and you plan to cut down some trees, consider renting a stump grinder to make it easier to get rid of the stumps. When you have multiple stumps to remove, renting a grinder might cost less than hiring a contractor to do the work. Here are a few things to know.

Stump Grinders Come In Different Sizes

You may not have a wide selection of stump grinding rentals if you aren't a landscaping professional, but if you do, you'll want the right size grinder for the job. A grinder with more power and a larger saw blade makes the work go faster. However, you want equipment that you can handle easily so you stay safe.

Let the rental person know the height of the tallest stump, how deep you want to go under the ground, and the width of the stump. This helps them choose the right size for your project, and they'll be able to estimate how long the job will take.

Stump Grinding Is Slow Work

Even heavy-duty commercial grinders are slow, so expect a rental to be slow too. A stump grinder has a saw blade on the end of it that chews through the tree stump. The smaller the trunk, the faster the work goes. Even if it takes a long time to grind away a big trunk, it's still better than trying to dig out, burn, or pull out a stump that's stuck in the ground.

Get Advice On The Rental Period

Talk to the rental company about how long to rent your grinder considering the cost. You might rent it for a few hours, over a weekend, or for a week. If you have a lot of small stumps to grind, you can probably save money by keeping the grinder longer rather than taking the grinder back and renting it multiple times.

Don't Forget Safety Gear

A stump grinder can be dangerous to use. At the least, you'll want eye and ear protection. You may also want protective clothing, and it's a good idea to keep people and pets out of the yard when you're working. Also, make sure you understand how to use the rented equipment before you begin.

Have A Plan For The Waste

When you rent a stump grinder, you don't have to worry about hauling off a huge stump, but you still have to get rid of waste. If you dig out the roots too, you can probably bury a lot of the waste in the hole you create. You might be able to bag some of the waste and dispose of it in your trash if you're allowed to do so. If you have more wood chips and mulch than you know what to do with, you may need to haul it to the landfill or your city's brush drop-off location to get rid of it.

Contact a company that offers stump grinder rentals to learn more.