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Three Upgrades For Your Pistol That You Can Do Yourself

by Ritthy Collins

If you have recently purchased or are a long-time owner of a handgun, you may not be aware of the many upgrades that are available. Most of the handguns made in the past couldn't be changed without the services of a gunsmith. But many handguns are made from a polymer material instead of metal. A gunsmith could make few, if any, upgrades. However, there is a large market for do-it-yourself upgrades, and some of them might interest you. The following are a few of them.

A magwell for easy loading

One thing gun owners often experience is the occasional difficulty in reloading. Usually, the clip will fall out when the release is pressed, but you will need to look down to reload another clip. A magwell allows you to easily slide in another clip without looking, so when you are at the range, reloading is quick and easy. There are low-cost magwells for several models of pistols. These magwells snap onto the bottom of the grip and only need one screw to permanently attach the accessory. Many gun owners find the magwell to give the additional benefit of a more comfortable grip on the gun.

A drop-in trigger connector

A trigger connector is used to make pulling the trigger easier. There are both connectors that make the trigger easier to pull and those that make is harder to pull, depending upon your need. This accessory is available from several manufacturers, and they come with simple instructions. You will need a punch to remove the pins on the trigger housing. This is a simple tool that every gun owner should have because it is the fundamental tool needed to disassemble your weapon. You will also need a jeweler-sized screwdriver. If you don't have these, they are often sold together for owners.

An adjustable rear sight

If you find yourself having problems with your rear sight when shooting your pistol, especially when aiming high, there is an adjustable rear site that you can buy and easily install yourself. It slips right onto the gun, and you can adjust it when shooting for elevation or when there is an issue with wind. The adjustment is made with a small, simple tool that comes with the sight.

The upgrades to your pistol listed above are only a small sampling of what is available. There are many more, and although there is a wide range of prices for these upgrades, most of them are available at a reasonable cost. And most important of all, they are DIY upgrades. Naturally, what is attractive to you will be dependent upon what will make your gun more enjoyable and easier to use. These upgrade accessories are available online or at some local gun stores.

Contact a local resource to learn more about gun DIY upgrades.