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Benefits Of Telehealth

by Ritthy Collins

You want to consider offering your patient's the ability to use the Telehealth system in order to get their healthcare needs tended to. You can learn more information about the Telehealth service by continuing with this article. Here are some benefits you can offer your patients with Telehealth, as well as yourself:

Medical Care Without Leaving Their Home

Telehealth allows your patients to get qualified medical care without the need to leave their homes. There are many reasons why this is is a good thing. Some patients may have a hard time leaving the house and this can be for many reasons including everything from having transportation issues to having mobility issues. Plus, with the COVID - 19 threat still being such a major health concern right now, it is better for anyone who can make use of the Telehealth service instead of coming into the office to do so. 

Your patients can use the Telehealth service for their annual exams in which you can go over their labs with them and discuss other topics and medical conditions you may be treating them for. The service can also be used in order for you to diagnose your patient with an illness when they aren't feeling well. You can discuss their treatment plan with them and let them know if you are going to be prescribing any medications for them. You can discuss any of the topics with them through the Telehealth service that you would in person. 

Faster Medical Care

One of the reasons some patients don't like to go to the doctors is because they have a hard time enduring the long waits in the waiting room and then again after they have been called back into the exam rooms. This can be especially hard for patients who are feeling very ill or who suffer from chronic pain. The Telehealth service allows them to see a doctor without those long waits. 

Your Telehealth Payments Are Easy to Process

Both your patients and your staff will appreciate that the same payments you normally take for your services can also be taken when your patients have their visit with you via Telehealth. When it comes to your billing, you will just have to enter the special code on your billing forms that are for the Telehealth service billing and the payment will go through how the other payments you charge do.