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Top 3 Automation Controls To Install In Your Building

by Ritthy Collins

Technology is advancing at an amazing rate, and one piece of technology that is becoming increasingly popular is automation. If you own or manage a building, it is well worth your time to look into the building automation controls that are currently available. Utilizing and implementing automation controls in a building comes with a lot of benefits, and once you have them installed, you will probably wonder how you lived without them. Some of the top building automation controls to install in a building that you own or manage include:

Heating and Cooling Controls

Commercial buildings tend to be large in size, so keeping the space cool in the summer and warm in the winter can be challenging, as well as expensive. Luckily, automated heating and cooling controls can make it much easier to maintain the temperature inside a building without being on the hook for a huge energy bill each month. With heating and cooling automation controls, it is easy to program your HVAC system to only run at certain times in order to ensure that a building is not being heated or cooled when it is empty outside of business hours. Most heating and cooling automation controls can be accessed remotely, so you can make changes as needed, even if you are not actually in the building.

Lighting Control

In this day and age, conserving energy is a big goal for most companies, not just to save money, but also as an attempt to reduce their carbon footprint. When lights are accidentally left on inside a building, a lot of energy can be wasted. Automated controls make it easy to eliminate that problem and control all lighting inside a building through a simple app. If people are working late, you can schedule the lights to stay on longer. Outside of business hours, it is easy to make sure that lights are either dimmed or turned off in order to conserve energy.

Security Control

All buildings need a security system, and automated controls make it easy to take the security of your building into your own hands. When an automated security control system is in place, you will always be able to ensure that the security system is set, even if someone forgot to do it before leaving the building. Another bonus is being able to access security cameras remotely, so you can know what is going on inside your building when you are not there.