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How Digital Price Tags Can Streamline Your Business

by Ritthy Collins

As technology changes, businesses can benefit and find new and innovative ways to streamline their services. Digital price tags and shelf labels are just one way that a business can use new technology to their benefit and increase their profits while decreasing costs.

What Are Digital Price Tags?

You may have already seen some digital price tags or shelf labels in your local businesses. The tags are small electronic boxes that attach to the shelf where the original printed shelf label would go. The tag has a digital screen on the front that displays information about the product and the current price. The tag often also displays text to indicate a special price or a sale on the item. 

There are several styles of tags available, and as they become more common, custom tags may start to become more common as well. Most of the tags on shelves are currently small and clip to the shelf in the store. The tags are wireless, so updates are made quickly and efficiently without having to touch every tag in the store. 

Time and Resource Savings

Traditionally, when a store has a special or sale on a product, it means printing new shelf tags and having an employee or several employees go around and replace all the existing tags with the new ones. This can take a lot of time and human resources, especially in large stores. In fact, a lot of major chain stores have employees dedicated to printing and changing these labels on a daily basis.

Digital shelf tags are addressable from computer software, so you never need to print or change the tags on the shelf. A price change is done on the computer, and the tags are updated wirelessly while on the shelf. The changes are instant, and the consumer can instantly see the price of the product they are looking at. 

For large companies that operate many stores, this can save a lot of money and time. The price changes can be made at the corporate level and transmitted to the stores, and, with a push of a button, the store can update the pricing store-wide. 

The time savings alone can offset the cost of upgrading to a system like this in your store, and for a small business, the system can make it easier for you to make price changes and still be at the counter or register in the store or shop, dealing with customers.