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Three Times That You Should Rent A Crib

by Ritthy Collins

When you have a child, there's a good chance that you've bought a crib — either new from a baby store or used, perhaps from your local online classified website. While your child might sleep in this crib most of the time, you may occasionally need a second crib. Instead of buying one, find a service in your area that rents baby equipment. You'll find that you're able to rent a crib very affordably, and it can come in handy in a variety of different scenarios. Here are three times when you might wish to rent a crib.

During Travel

If you're traveling with a child who is young enough that he or she needs to sleep in a crib, you might not want to take your crib with you. There's a chance that it could get damaged during your trip. Or, if it's not a model that folds up and down easily, it could be a hassle to deal with. In either situation, renting a crib can be a good idea. Opt for one that folds easily so that you can slip it into the trunk of your vehicle and be able to set it up in a hotel room or another location in a matter of seconds.

Because Of A Warranty Replacement

Occasionally, you may find that the crib you own has an issue that requires repair. Many crib manufacturers offer extended warranties, and while this is good, it also means that you'll need to ship the crib back to the manufacturer and wait for another one to arrive by courier. This may take a series of days or perhaps more than a week, which can leave you with a predicament when it comes to choosing where your son or daughter will sleep. A short-term crib rental can be ideal while you wait for your replacement product to arrive.

When Your Child Sleeps In Multiple Locations

Children often have different sleeping patterns that they go through for short periods of time. You might find that your child sleeps most soundly in your bedroom, for example, but wakes up fussy in his or her own room. Instead of dragging the child's crib into your bedroom, consider renting a crib for this space. You can put the child in the crib in your room while he or she needs it and then return the child to his or her own room when the time comes.