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A Guide To Hiring Forensic Psychiatrists As Expert Witnesses

by Ritthy Collins

If you are trying to win a legal case, it's important that you get access to expert witnesses that can testify on your behalf to prove your points. Regardless of what sort of charges a person is faced with, it's always important to have evidence lined up that aligns with your narrative and evidence. When you have an expert witness in the form of a forensic psychiatrist, you will be able to look into the mental profile of the person in question, so that you can paint a picture of what happened to the judge and jury.

In this regard, consider the points in this article to learn more about forensic psychiatry and why forensic psychiatrists make excellent expert witnesses. 

The benefits of having an expert witness

First off, you should get an idea of what expert witnesses do and why they are important. Regardless of what kind of case you are putting together, you will need to win over a jury that likely doesn't understand every single detail of evidence. Expert witnesses work in specific fields and are able to explain things so that anyone can get it, which is helpful for your case. 

For instance, if you are a lawyer and you have a client that is pleading no contest due to temporary insanity, you will definitely need the help of someone that can explain what constitutes this form of mental illness and what traits your client showed. Since this is a forensic psychiatrist's area of expertise, their knowledge can be the deciding factor between whether or not you win or lose your case. 

Vet the credentials of your forensic psychiatrist and make sure that your schedules align

It's also important that you not just find any forensic psychiatrist, but hire the best professional to serve as an expert witness on your behalf. In doing this, look for someone that now only knows their field, but can explain it in simple ways. Be sure that you have money in your budget to pay them for their time, and that you get them on your schedule for the court dates you have lined up. 

Go over the information of the case with them well in advance so that they have plenty of time to prepare, and so that they are ready for any cross-examination that may occur. 

Consider these tips and touch base with some forensic psychiatrists that can help you out. Companies like FPA Med can help.