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Consider A New Tattoo This Year? 4 Styles To Check Out

by Ritthy Collins

If you are considering getting a new tattoo this year, you should think carefully about the style of tattoo that you want to get. The style of the tattoo will dictate how your tattoo looks. The same basic idea for a tattoo can look really different depending on the style that is used to create that tattoo.

Style #1: American Traditional Tattoo

The first style you should consider is the American traditional tattoo. An American traditional tattoo is defined by the use of bright colors paired with bold lines. This style is also heavy on the use of certain images, such as anchors and roses. Images of women are also popular within this style of tattoo. If you want a tattoo in a very classic style that will look good for a long time, an American traditional tattoo is a great choice.

Style #2: Realism

If you like to keep things real, you will enjoy the realism style of tattoos, which is very similar to the realism art movement. Realism is all about portraying things in their natural form. When you look at a realism tattoo, you should feel like you are looking at the actual object.

This style of tattoo focuses on using blacks and greys to create images. The images rarely use color. Portraits and pictures of nature are really common themes within the realism tattoo movement.

Style #3: Watercolor

Although you can't actually watercolor a tattoo on you, a talented tattoo artist can create an image that looks like it was watercolored onto you. Watercolor tattoos are always colorful. Creating a watercolor look with a tattoo gun and ink is really challenging. If you want a watercolor-style tattoo, you are going to want to find a skilled artist. Be sure to look at examples of their work in order to make sure you like their style. The watercolor tattoo style can be used for a wide range of tattoos, such as a flower or fish or whimsical scene.

Style #4: New School

The new school is becoming old school, as the new school style of tattooing has been around now since the early '90s. This style of tattoo waned in popularity in the 2000s, but with the rise of '90s culture circling back around, don't be surprised to see to this style become more popular again. The new school tattoo style is characterized by cartoon-like figures and really exaggerated figures. This style of tattoos tends to use really bright colors that pop.

When it comes to putting a tattoo on your body, you need to make sure you choose a tattoo style that you really love and will enjoy looking at for years to come. Remember, each tattoo artist is unique, with their own special skill set that they bring to the job.