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The Uses For Expanding Foam And How To Buy And Use It

by Ritthy Collins

There are many ways expanding foam can be used around your house. It's beneficial for large and small jobs, and it's used both commercially and for DIY projects. Here's are some ways this versatile material can be used and some tips for using it.

Commercial Uses For Expanding Foam

This material is ideal for construction projects because it's easy to apply and durable. Spray foam can be used as a roofing material and it can be used to insulate your attic or to add insulation between the walls. This foam not only adds insulation, but it also protects against water damage, and it adds stability to walls. Once the foam cures, it's so strong that it can even be used to lift and hold sunken concrete.

Home Uses For Expanding Foam

Although this material can be challenging to work with, you can use it for a variety of purposes around your home. You can use it to make floating decoys, in casting, and for sculpting. However, a popular use of expanding foam around the home is to seal up gaps and air leaks to improve insulation.

Ways To Use Expanding Foam

Commercial spray foam application is often done by spraying. For DIY use, you can buy a product that comes in a can or that you mix and pour. The foam works by mixing two ingredients together, so you mix first and then pour before the foam hardens. In the case of spray foam from a backpack canister or small can, the solution is mixed as it comes out of the nozzle.

You'll want to buy the right type of foam for your purpose. For instance, if you want to use it for your boat or for making floating decoys, you'll need to buy closed-cell foam that is waterproof. You also buy the foam based on density or weight. The denser the foam, the more it weighs and the stronger it is. The density also affects how much the foam expands. When you buy expanding foam, look for data on the label that shows the density and expansion ratio so you know how to use the product.

Spray foam can be messy to use. If you spray too much from a can while sealing around windows, you can just let it dry and then scrape or sand off the excess since the foam is difficult or impossible to remove otherwise. No matter how you intend to use the foam, you'll want to practice a bit first so you can control how much you apply, keeping in mind the foam will expand and grow. Proper application prevents wasting the foam or creating extra work to remove the excess.