Creating a Positive Business Environment

What Catches The Eye: Signage That Gets Noticed

by Ritthy Collins

Humans are programmed to notice certain things faster than others. It is important to understand this fact when you want to create signage for your business. To get started, here are the things that get signs noticed faster, and why these things will grab others' attention.

Moving or Flashing Lights

Anything that moves rapidly draws attention. It is a survival instinct which is immediately activated whenever people see something moving fast. However, after the initial "What is that?" reaction inside their heads, they see the moving or flashing sign, and the sign registers as something safe and not likely to cause them harm. Ergo, a sign that has moving or flashing lights attracts attention because it speaks to basic human instinct to pay attention to things that are moving when humans do not expect them to be moving. 

Vibrant Colors

Color stimulates parts of the brain that other stimuli do not. The brighter or more vibrant the colors, the more stimulus provided to the brain. Consider looking at a piece of gray paper and then looking at a piece of paper that is neon pink. Which makes you feel more alert and want to open your eyes wider? If you are like most people, the neon pink paper gives you the visual jolt, not the gray paper. Take this into consideration when choosing the materials and the design for your sign. 

Large Versus Small

As people age, they have greater difficulty seeing small print, and do better seeing larger print. Likewise, large signs are easier to see for everyone from greater distances than smaller signs. If you are stuck creating a smaller sign because that is the sign space given to your business at the location where you have set up shop, there is not much you can do about that. However, if you are fully in charge of the sign you can put in front of your business, you can make the sign as big as you want, as tall as you want, and as obvious as you want to attract attention from far away. 


It is very unusual to use sound in the creation of a business sign, but if used just right, it can be very effective. People who can hear will turn their heads in the direction of the sound, thus locating your sign. Those who cannot see can find your business by their sense of sound, especially if you use a prerecorded message that is played over and over every three to ten minutes.