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Three Reasons To Choose A Wine Barrel Fire Table With A Large Rim

by Ritthy Collins

If you're looking for furniture and accessories that will make an outdoor space enjoyable in which to spend time, one accessory that might catch your eye is a wine barrel fire table. This device, which consists of a full- or half-sized wine barrel that has been retrofitted to hold a fire pit inside of it, can be a focal point for you and your guests this fall. There are many different designs of wine barrel fire tables, so you'll need to evaluate which type of best for you. Some have small rims around their top edges, which the rims around others have a wider diameter. Here are some reasons to choose the latter design.

It Keeps People Back From the Flames

It can be tempting to huddle close to the flames of your wine barrel fire table, especially when the weather is cool. You don't want people to get too close, though, because of the risk of the flames. This is especially true if you're sitting with children, who may not grasp the danger of exposing their hands or bodies to the fire. A fire table that has a wider rim will help to keep people farther away from the flames.

It Provides More Space for Refreshments

It's common for people to use the rim around their wine barrel fire table to hold refreshments. Your guests might place their glasses of wine on this rim, while you might set down a few appetizers for everyone to enjoy throughout the evening. A fire table that has a small rim not only limits the amount of space that you have for storing refreshments, but it can create a scenario in which the wine heats up because of the glasses being too close to the flame. A wider rim provides more space for the refreshments and the ability to keep them away from the heat.

It Offers Visual Interest

When you look at different models of wine barrel fire tables, you may notice that those with wider rims have more visual interest. The manner in which the rim extends away from the barrel gives this accessory the shape of a traditional table, which may make it look more appropriate on your deck or patio than a table without a large rim. If you like the idea of a table with a wide-diameter rim, visit a number of outdoor furniture stores until you can find the right product.

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