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How Do You Find The Best Company To Paint Transmission Towers?

by Ritthy Collins

From cell transmission towers to other types of towers, these monumental structures sprinkle almost every part of the United States, thanks to the modern reliance on cellular data transmission and communication. These towers are not cheap, and they deserve to be properly protected with a good coat of paint. If you have an older rusty tower on your property that needs a facelift, finding a transmission tower painting company is not all that hard, but it can be hard to find the best. Here is a look at some of the attributes to be looking for when you need your tower painted. 

Look for a company that utilizes the latest painting technology. 

Just as it is with other industries, painting has evolved thanks to modern technology and modern knowledge. You can get paint these days that reflects UV rays back out into the atmosphere to protect a structure, that thwarts electrical connectivity, and more. The tower painting company you trust to paint your transmission tower should offer all of the latest options to protect the structure with the painted application. Ask up front what kind of new painting techniques and supplies are used, and you will get a good idea of whether you are working with the best company. 

Look for a company that uses only the best safety equipment to get the job done. 

Towers are designed for climbing. Most of them are equipped with ladders, and some of the largest ones are even outfitted with stair runs separated by platforms. However, even though towers are made to be climbed, it does not mean that someone should just start climbing up a tower without using the proper safety equipment. Harnesses and security cables should always be used to get up to various levels during the painting process. 

Look for a company that offers pre-painting rust treatment. 

If you have to have a tower repainted because it has rust problems, paint alone is not going to fix that problem. The tower will have to be treated in its entirety with a rust treatment before the paint goes in place. Rust treatment stops the already-forming rust and prevents further corrosion, and it has to be applied to every place on the tower to be effective. Make sure that the company you choose offers prior rust treatment because this is the proper process.

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