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Gearing Up For Spring Cleaning? 3 Tips For Ridding Your Home Of A Winter's Worth Of Clutter

by Ritthy Collins

Spring cleaning is something that many homeowners look forward to, especially when harsh winter weather has kept the family indoors for far too long. In addition to washing the baseboards and dusting the ceiling fan blades, most spring cleaning sessions involve ridding the home of all the clutter that collects when the weather interferes with the family's ability to enjoy their favorite outdoor activities. 

If you are looking around your home and are aghast at the clutter you see, here are three great tips to help you more easily clear it out and restore your home to its fresh, spring-like state. 

Look for items to sell or donate

Spring cleaning time offers a perfect excuse for dealing with clutter, as well as all those storage boxes full of outgrown clothing, toys, and unused household items.

If many of the items are in demand, such as gently used kids clothing or popular toys, selling them through online marketplaces or consignment shops could help fund that spring vacation or cover the cost of a needed home repair.

Families who lack the time to devote to reselling these items can still benefit by dropping them off at local charities or civic organizations that offer a tax-deductible receipt for donations. 

Rid your home of forgotten projects

Those who are serious about using spring cleaning to help simplify their daily chores in the future may also want to think about doing away with all those space-stealing projects.

For example, many families are guilty of putting broken toys, chairs, or other items in the garage or basement for the purpose of fixing it later. But later never arrives and the broken items continue to take up space and gather dust. Ridding the home of repair projects like this will free up space and make cleaning chores easier all year long. 

Provide a solution for long-term success

As you gear up for the spring cleaning session ahead, homeowners should also be looking at ways to prevent your home from falling prey to clutter again next year. An excellent way to stay out of the clutter trap is to find a great garbage removal service for weekly use. 

Homeowners who actively search for and sign up with a garbage removal service that fits their budget and offers convenient pickup times and containers can win against clutter all year long. Many garbage removal services may also offer some types of extra services, such as removal of bagged leaves and non-working appliances.