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6 Fun Ways To Use Maple Syrup

by Ritthy Collins

When it comes to maple syrup, there are so many ways to use it other than just pouring it over your pancakes. There are several ways that you can use maple syrup in your food creation. Here are some fun ways you can use maple syrup.

1. Add to Your Salad Dressing

If you want to add a little extra flavor and balance to your salad dressing is by adding just a little bit to it. You can whisk some maple syrup into your salad dressing for a little sweeter dressing when you want to change the taste.

2. Add to Your Oatmeal

Brown sugar is not the only thing that you can put in your oatmeal. If you are out of brown sugar, add a little maple syrup to your oatmeal. It is sweet like brown sugar and can add some real depth and sweetness to your oatmeal. It works just as well in porridge.

3. Brush Your Bacon

Maple-flavored bacon is delicious; however, if you just purchase plain bacon, you can always add your own maple flavoring to your bacon. Just brush a little syrup on your bacon as it cooks to add your own flavoring to your bacon. Or when your bacon is cooked, use the bacon to catch the extra syrup on your plate. Both ways are delicious.

4. Use With Root Vegetables

Surprisingly, maple syrup works really well with root vegetables as well as tomatoes. You can add a little maple syrup when you are caramelizing your vegetables to get a little sweetness. Just a few little drops will add a lot of flavor to your caramelized root vegetables.

5. Make Some Maple Butter

Another great way to use maple syrup is to add it to some softened butter to make your own flavored butter. You don't have to make butter from scratch; just allow butter to soften to room temperature, beat the syrup into the butter, and then enjoy the maple-flavored butter on your creations. Maple-flavored butter can be great on toast, it works amazingly when drizzled on popcorn, and it even tastes good when you brush it on some grilled fruit.

6. Add to Cocktails

Next, you can add the maple syrup into some cocktails. There are a variety of different drinks that you can add maple syrup to. It works really well in hot alcoholic drinks and can add some sweetness to your next cocktail.

Grab some real maple syrup this year and discover all the many fun ways you can use it in your kitchen.

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