Creating a Positive Business Environment

3 Reasons To Switch To Biodegradable Plastic Bags

by Ritthy Collins

Consumerism has led to an increase in the amount of plastic finding its way into landfills across the country. Traditional plastic takes a long time to break down, creating serious environmental problems. Science has stepped in to offer an alternative: biodegradable plastic.

Making the switch to biodegradable plastic bags gives your company the ability to impact the environment in a significantly positive way.

1. Reduce Oil Consumption

Petroleum oil is one of the most widely used substances today. Petroleum oil is also one of the primary ingredients used to produce traditional plastic bags. The processes of extracting oil reserves from the Earth and refining these reserves into a usable product can be detrimental to the environment.

Biodegradable plastics are made from organic materials. Corn, hemp, and even bird feathers are just a few of the natural ingredients that can be transformed into biodegradable plastic bags. Your company can reduce its oil consumption by eliminating traditional plastic bags from your business.

2. Reduce Plastic Pollution

Pollution caused by plastic bags is devastating many parts of the world. This devastation is caused by the long lifespan of traditional plastic products. A plastic bag can take anywhere from 20 to 1,000 years to break apart.

Traditional plastic rarely breaks down completely. When it does, it breaks down into polymers and toxic chemicals that pollute the environment. The plastic bags made from biodegradable plastic can easily be broken down by bacteria that are found in most natural environments.

Considering the fact that consumers worldwide utilize over 500 billion plastic bags each year, making the switch to biodegradable plastic bags allow your company to stop contributing to plastic pollution.

3. Increase Sales

Today's consumers are more aware of the business practices employed by brands of all sizes. Any environmentally friendly changes that you make to your day-to-day operations can give your company a significant boost in sales revenue.

Surveys indicate that 55% of all global consumers are willing to pay a higher cost for a product made by a company that engages in sustainable business practices.

You no longer have to choose between planet and profit. Biodegradable plastic bags allow your company to leverage its sustainable business practices to gain a competitive advantage over your competitors and increase your profits in the future.

If you haven't considered making the switch to biodegradable plastic bags, now is the time. Biodegradable plastic bags will help your company become more environmentally friendly and boost revenue over time. Look into offering biodegradable plastic T-shirt bags for sale.