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Why You Should Borrow With A Pawn Shop

by Ritthy Collins

If you ever find yourself in need of cash and don't know where to turn, know that you can simply head to your local pawnshop.

As long as you have some kind of collateral, meaning an item of value, you can typically secure a cash loan to get you through until your next payday.

Not only can you get the cash you need, but these types of loan agreements offer many other benefits as well.

No Credit Checks

Almost any other option you have for getting a loan quickly will require you to undergo a credit check, which can be problematic if you have no credit or poor credit.

Even if you do have good credit, a hard inquiry into your credit can actually damage it.

Fortunately, taking out a loan via a pawnshop does not require any type of credit check since the lender has your collateral to fall back on. So, you don't have to worry if your credit isn't where it should be or if you're trying to keep your credit in great shape.

Fast Cash

A pawnshop loan is one of the fastest ways to get money in your hand.

With bank loans, you can expect to wait several business days or longer for your lengthy application to be processed and, if you're lucky, approved. The same is true for most other types of lenders. And, even with lenders who do approve quickly, most deposit money into your bank account, which you may not be able to access for days.

Pawnshop lenders, however, approve your loan on the spot and then, once all the paperwork is filled out, actually hand you cold, hard cash right then and there. So, for those emergency situations when you need money right away, a pawnshop loan is the perfect solution.

Reasonable Interest Rates

Like any type of loan, pawnshop loans do charge interest rates. However, these interest rates are fairly reasonable considering how quickly you get your money.

Plus, the interest rates tend to be much lower than other fast cash types of loans, like payday loans and car title loans.

Remember, too, that you can often haggle about things like how much interest you'll pay, so, if you're thorough and persistent, you can often get an even better interest rate and overall terms than what you are originally offered.

A pawnshop loan may not be something you want to have to use. However, it can still be very helpful and beneficial to you in a time of need, so don't neglect this helpful option.