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Two Ways To Use Gravel To Spruce Up Your Yard

by Ritthy Collins

As you peer out over the landscape in the front and back of your house, what do you see? Does it look like a barren wasteland, or is it flourishing with lush green grass and foliage? Regardless of which description currently fits your yard, you should view the situation as a blank canvas. You can transform your plot in ways that you may not even know are possible. There are lots of directions you can take, but it all starts with the right materials. The article below should provide you with a few fantastic tips on how you can use gravel to turn your lawn into a masterpiece.

River Rock Makes A Great Retaining Wall

River rock is a type of gravel that comes in many different colors. The stone is beautiful to look at and can be used in many unique ways to make your yard sing. If your home was built on a small hill or slope and you want to level things out a bit, you can use river rock to create a retaining wall. It's a functional and aesthetically pleasing fix that can make your yard a more wonderful place to be.

Retaining walls are designed to stop the soil erosion that can easily happen due to runoff. When your house is on a hill, rainwater often drifts down the slope and takes the dirt with it. If you don't find some way to contain the soil, you could be placing your property in jeopardy. Your home needs tightly compacted dirt to stay in place, and if the soil is allowed to turn into sludge or mud, you could end up on a shaky foundation. Using the river rock to build the retaining wall both makes your yard look amazing and protects your investment.

Glass Gravel Adds A Classy Touch

You can now purchase glass gravel for your yard as well. Recycled glass is broken down and smoothed out to create a safe form of gravel that you can use for neat walkways in your yard. It looks spectacular, and if you throw a few solar lights into the mix, you can jazz up your curb appeal and take it to the max!

Adding gravel to your yard cuts down on maintenance and allows you to conserve the water that you would typically use on the grass. Purchase your gravel today and let your imagination run wild.

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