Creating a Positive Business Environment

Four Unique Ways To Improve Employee Morale Without Handing Out Pay Raises

by Ritthy Collins

Keeping your employees happy is the key to ensuring the long-term success and efficiency of your business. As a business manager or owner, you're probably well aware that pay raises are the most effective route to employee satisfaction. Sadly, those aren't always an option. If you gave out every pay raise that your employees desire, you'd quickly be bankrupt, and you would have no more employees to speak of.

Luckily, there are some easier and cheaper, sometimes free, ways to improve your employees' happiness. Doing so will ensure they grow into the most effective and creative workers that they can, which leads directly toward the long-term success and profitability of your business.

1. Set Up an Anonymous Complaint Box and Actually Use It

Perhaps the easiest, most effective, and inexpensive way to make and keep your employees is happy is by making them known that their voices and complaints are being heard. A simple and free way to do that is by setting up an anonymous complaint box in a private section of the office so your employees can voice their concerns without any fear of repercussion.

However, you can take it a step further than a conventional, generic complaint box by getting creative with how you set the box up. For one, give the complaint box its own room so that it is truly private and does not come across as a useless office feature or a perfunctory afterthought from management. Even a large walk-in closet will do, as long as the room is large enough to have a comfortable vibe.

2. Turn the Complaint Box a Standout Feature of the Office With Creative Naming Schemes

Make the experience unique with cool, creative names. Don't be boring by calling it a complaint box. Call it "The Box of Ventilated Frustration" or "The Well of Employee Tears and Fears" or something similarly unique.

Additionally, come up with a creative name for the room itself — not simply "The Complaint Room" but "The Room of Founded Frustration" or "The Mad and Sad Room of Employee Complaints" or "Workerbee Wheelhouse of Woe." Whatever you decide on, the point is to create a comfortable and unique environment while giving your employees a place to voice their legitimate concerns.

3. Ensure That You Have Comfortable Office Furniture for Your Employees

It may seem trivial, but office furniture is extremely important when it comes to employee happiness. If your employees are sitting in uncomfortable chairs or working at uncomfortable desks, their workdays will be much more miserable, even if they don't realize it.

Over time, that will lead to resentments that make your employees less happy, productive, and more likely to seek employment elsewhere. All of those things can cost you and your small business loads of money in the future and cut into your profits as much as a pay raise.

To avoid all of that, make sure you provide your employees with comfortable furniture. Periodically make the suggestion that your employees can use the complaint box if, for whatever reason, they are uncomfortable with their furniture arrangements.

4. Inspire Your Employees' Happiness and Creativity with Some Trendy Office Furniture

Additionally, consider getting more trendy and decorative office furniture. Obviously, the most important thing is that your employees are physically satisfied with their furniture arrangements.

However, spicing up the office with some unique, decorative, and trendy furniture can also go a long way when it comes to making your employees feel happy and at home while helping them to be more productive and creative over time. For example, spruce up the office with some unique beanbags, standing desks, ball chairs, and sofa arrangements. It's a fun and easy way to make your company a more fun and joyous place to work.

While constant pay raises would be ideal to keep your employees happy, they aren't always a realistic option. A creative complaint box and unique office furniture experience are much cheaper ways to maximize work happiness.